Stratus integration with Gallagher

Gallagher has partnered with Stratus® Technologies to ensure the availability and integrity of Command Centre with a fault tolerant server solution.
Stratus® Technologies is the leading provider of infrastructure based solutions, preventing downtime before it occurs and ensuring uninterrupted availability of server based applications.

Stratus® FT Server

 The Stratus® FT server eliminates any single point of failure on the Command Centre server hardware. It is a single server appliance with mirrored hardware components, processing the same instructions in ‘lockstep’(the exact same time).
In the event of a component malfunction the mirrored component continues processing keeping all systems operational.

The Stratus® FT server solution:

  • Ensures critical operations dependent on the Command Centre Server are not interrupted
  • Integrates seamlessly into your existing IT ecosystem with minimal reliance on costly technical staff
  • Prevents loss of your audit trail when server hardware components fail
  • Removes the need for complicated procedures during planned server downtime

Stratus® everRun SplitSite

The everRun SplitSite software solution links two servers together to create a single operating environment. The entire Command Center server environment, including data in memory, is replicated, ensuring Command Centre continues to run without interruption or data loss. If one physical machine should fail, Command Centre continues to run on the other physical machine. SplitSite’s replication across multiple sites ensures if disaster strikes in one location, Command Centre is immediately available, up-to-date, and fully operational at another location, without the need for IT staff at the second location.

The everRun SplitSite solution:

  • Ensures Command Centre server remains operational in the event of power failures, building-wide problems or disasters
  • Removes the need for IT staff involvement at time of an event, protection occurring automatically
  • Resynchronizes all disk drives and virtual machine memory after recovery