Software Maintenance

Gallagher Software Maintenance

Gallagher Software Maintenance is our suite of simple, optional and affordable plans that keep your system up-to-date with the latest security innovations.

Our Standard, Fixed and Enterprise Software Maintenance plans allow you to choose the plan that's the best fit for you and your business.

Click below for additional information and frequently asked questions, or contact us if you'd like us to contact you to discuss Software Maintenance.

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Our traditional Software Maintenance offering included with your initial Gallagher security platform purchase. Your first year of Software Maintenance for a new site is complimentary* and following this, renewal is optional, providing access to software upgrades as they become available.

Having the latest software enhances your system's performance and ensures it can support new hardware releases. You'll also protect your initial investment from becoming outdated.

* Excludes customizations and integrations.


Our Fixed Software Maintenance plan provides all the benefits of Standard, with the assurance of a fixed price for an agreed period*. Having access to the latest software when it becomes available enhances your system's performance and ensures it's compatible with new hardware releases. You'll also protect your initial investment from becoming outdated.

* Excludes customizations and integrations.


Our gold standard in Software Maintenance. Enterprise offers unlimited Command Centre software across multiple sites, all expansions and core optional features*, plus the benefits of our Standard plan. All for a fixed price and agreed period.

By working with you to explore issues such as workforce management and compliance, through to on-site automation and control, we'll identify areas where you can gain greater efficiency across your business.

Enterprise gives you access to a wide range of Gallagher products. Our complete solution Software Maintenance plan means your security platform is always working at its optimal level, offering peace of mind and protecting what's important to you.

* Excludes customizations and integrations.

Frequently asked questions

What is Software Maintenance and why is it necessary?

Gallagher Software Maintenance is a suite of plans designed to keep your security platform up-to-date with the latest security innovations.

Software Maintenance is optional and provides you with access to new versions and features of Gallagher Command Centre and ongoing compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft operating system and SQL server.

Having the latest version of Command Centre also means your system is compatible with up-to-date Gallagher hardware developments.

How does Software Maintenance work?

Your first year of Software Maintenance is complimentary with the purchase of your new site license. An annual renewal fee is payable after that period.

When a new version of Gallagher Command Centre is released, both you and your Gallagher Certified Channel Partner will be notified. Your channel partner will then make contact with you to discuss the upgrade.

How do I register for Software Maintenance?

  • New sites - you are automatically registered when you purchase your site license.
  • Existing sites - contact your Gallagher Certified Channel Partner or Gallagher representative.

When does Software Maintenance commence?

Your Software Maintenance plan starts the date the license is issued to your Gallagher Certified Channel Partner (unless agreed otherwise).

What renewal or expiry notifications will I receive?

60 days prior to expiry, your Gallagher Certified Channel Partner will receive a quote from Gallagher for the renewal of your Software Maintenance plan. There will be other notifications to both you and your channel partner until approximately 120 days after expiration, at which time your Software Maintenance plan will be cancelled if it has not been renewed.

What happens if my Software Maintenance expires?

Your Software Maintenance plan expiry has no effect on the ongoing functionality of your Gallagher security products and systems. Should your plan expire, you will no longer receive new software that is released.

If your Software Maintenance plan has expired, you can contact your Gallagher Certified Channel Partner for a proposal to bring your site up to date. The renewal will be backdated to your original expiry date.

Can my Software Maintenance renewal dates be changed?

Software Maintenance renewal is optional and can be provided for longer or shorter periods on a pro-rata basis, enabling you to align renewal dates with your financial year or other business drivers.

Can I purchase Software Maintenance for a period other than 12 months?

Yes, we can customize your Software Maintenance plan to suit your needs. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact your Gallagher Certified Channel Partner or Gallagher representative.

Are there any limitations of Software Maintenance?

Software Maintenance provides software only. It does not include service and installation costs, customizations, or incremental updates of third-party systems in our integrations. Your Gallagher Certified Channel Partner will advise you of additional fees that may be payable.

If you’re making changes to a third-party system that is integrated with Gallagher Command Centre, please check with your channel partner or Gallagher representative in advance.

See the Software Maintenance Terms and Conditions for full details.

If I have questions about Software Maintenance, who can I contact?

Your Gallagher Certified Channel Partner or Gallagher representative can answer any questions you may have about Software Maintenance.