Site Plans and Reporting

Siteplans Reporting Gallagher Command Centre

Knowledge is power. Use Command Centre’s comprehensive range of reporting options to stay informed and make business decisions efficiently.

Command Centre gives you a real-time site wide view that allows you to monitor events and access custom reports whenever you need to.


Features and benefits

  • Retrieve and report on stored information including security events, cardholders and their access or location, site item details or exception reporting.
  • Report on security events from an individual server, or from multiple servers within a multi-server network.
  • Configure reports to run on a repeating schedule or in response to events such as a fire alarm.
  • Email reports from a schedule or directly from Command Centre.
  • View additional reports, including evacuation, access, time and contextual reporting.
  • Report on visitor data (when used with optional visitor management tools).
  • Access reports easily through a ‘find reports’ viewer or ‘favorites’ list within an application tab.
  • Configure cardholder reports including page layout and file output type (.doc, .xls, .pdf or .csv) filters within the report and more.
  • Perform expanded report filter operations using parameters such as competency status, card type and cardholder’s last entered zone.

System division 

Use system division to split a site into divisions and sub-divisions to assist with alarm or site monitoring. With a limitless number of workstations, operators subject to system division are assigned privileges to carry out authorized functions and view content defined for their role.

This is particularly suited to:

  • multi-tenanted buildings where tenants manage and monitor their own security
  • large enterprise-wide systems where it is more practical to divide the site by geographic zones.

Site plans

Site plans are graphical representations of a site which show the real-time status of remote field devices. Site plans display visually rich, configurable elements such as fence lines and buildings with alarms. Features include:

  • touch-screen support and free text objects
  • unlimited storage of site plans.