The Command Centre Site Plan Viewer provides full screen, centralized site management visibility and situational awareness for all site buildings and perimeter, whether local or remote. An operator simply clicks on a site item to reveal the associated information, and is able to perform the action required — the operator need not leave the screen.

Features and benefits

  • Monitoring and alarm management all on a single screen.
  • Operational state and alarm state displayed for site items.
  • Change the state of an item, (i.e. change access mode, open door, arm or disarm).
  • Run a pre-configured report or reports from a selected site item, (i.e. view the cardholders that passed through a door, or any event activity or statistics for the item).
  • View footage from one or more cameras associated with a site item. View live footage or footage in response to an alarm.
  • Panning and zooming provides improved navigation around larger site plans.
  • Operators have the ability to search for items on a site plan, or navigate directly to items in alarm.
  • The flexibility in configuration allows for minimizing clutter (*not just clutter but superfluous information/overrides), working alongside the privilege model means operators won’t be distracted with options that are not configured or they do not have the authority to use.