C.Q.R.IT Electronic Key Cabinet

C.Q.R.IT Electronic Key Cabinet to Gallagher Command Centre Integration

The intergration allows for complete control and management of C.Q.R.iT® cabinets with Gallagher Command Centre. Users, including card details and key allocations, are automatically imported from Gallagher Command Centre into the C.Q.R.iT® cabinets. All transaction logs from the cabinets, including alarms, are sent back to Gallagher. The interface also employs Anti-Tailgating to prevent users from exiting the building/facility without returning their keys to the cabinet.

Additional Information

System brand: CIC Technology
Product name: CQRiT ® (pronounced "Secure It")
Software version: KeySecure® v1.3.4.1 and greater
Interface developed by: CIC Technology
Available and supported: Worldwide
Industry applications: All
CIC Secure contact: sales@cictechnology.com