Class 5 End of Line Module

Class 5 Elm

Part of the Gallagher Class 5 Intruder Alarm System, the Class 5 End of Line Module (ELM) protects against attacks (sensor tampering, disablement or insider attack) between edge devices and control hardware in a security system.

The ELM sends regular heartbeats, ensuring that alarms are raised if communications with the ELM are severed. Without a Class 5 ELM, sites are susceptible to sophisticated attacks, potentially rendering high value assets unprotected.

Additional Information

Features and benefits

The ELM is a small PCB encapsulated in a protective potting resin and plastic casing, with a unique device serial number. The module plastic measures 32mm x 17mm x 10mm, and is designed to fit inside the tamper-proofed housing of a high grade alarm sensing device (such as PIR or contact sensor), or in a tamper-proofed junction box.

  • Full end-to-end authentication and encryption, preventing non-authenticated sensor inputs communicating unencrypted with controllers.
  • Field upgradeable code with plug and play authentication for quick and secure installation.
  • Small form factor for an easy install into almost any sensor.
  • Sensor walk-test functionality is included, removing the need to run additional wiring.