Car Park Management Solution

Carpark Management Gallagher Command Centre Integration

Managing car park allocation and access can be complex. Gallagher’s Car Park Management Solution simplifies this process and allows you to easily manage car park access, assignment and occupancy from within Command Centre. Using one system to manage both car park and access control improves business efficiency and reduces costs.

The Gallagher Car Park Management Solution allows you to flexibly configure the car park environment and its parking spaces to suit your site's needs. 

Maximize car park occupancy

Inefficient or unauthorized car park use costs money and inconveniences car park users. The Gallagher Car Park Management Solution allows building owners or site managers to maximize use of available parking spaces and respond quickly to non-compliant use of parking spaces. 

  • Monitor parking space occupancy in real time to ensure correct and efficient use. 
  • Guarantee access and parking space availability to cardholders, in accordance with organizational policy. 
  • Guarantee VIP cardholders access to allocated car parks. 
  • Grant car park access only when allocated spaces are unoccupied, saving cardholders time when deciding where to park. 
  • Commercial parking buildings can maximize occupancy for increased profit. 

Streamline car park management

Command Centre's car park management features are unique in allowing site managers to efficiently manage access control and car parks from one system. 

  • Save time and money by using one centralized platform to manage both car park and building access. 
  • Quickly and easily allocate parking spaces to tenants, access groups or individual cardholders. 
  • Allocate sections of the car park to tenants in a multi-tenanted building, and allow tenants to manage day to day parking allocation and occupancy within their section. 
  • Real time monitoring of parking space occupancy reduces parking security patrol costs and improves response time to non-compliant parking. 
  • Granular privileges allow administrators, site managers and tenants to manage parking from a centralized system, in accordance with their roles and responsibilities. 

A better security response

During a security breach or alarm activation, Command Centre operators can quickly and easily use car park location and occupancy information to understand where people and/or their vehicles are, for a better overall security response.