Business Efficiency

Business Efficiency

From intelligent integration with building management systems, to people and time efficiencies gained through automation and smart use of resources, Gallagher solutions are designed to save you time and money.

  • Use intelligent integrations to improve management of a range of monitoring functions.
  • Control and monitor different sites from one place.
  • Reduce ongoing costs of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting.
  • Ensure rooms and resources are used to their full potential. 
  • Easily manage visitor arrivals and departures, creating efficiencies in staff time at reception.
  • Streamline employee access cards to provide efficient use of facilities from car parks to cafeterias.

Building automation and control

BACnet allows you to centrally manage lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, providing sites with energy savings by automatically turning these off and on as needed.

Visitor management

The Visitor Management Web Service API gives guests a professional greeting and the web service supports pre-registration and visit creation from any third party application, ensuring visitors have a smooth process upon arriving on site.

Cardholder management

Use Gallagher's Cardholder Management Web Service API features within Command Centre to allow other systems to create, modify and remove cardholders. 

Cardholder change tracking

Use the Cardholder Change Tracking API to notify other business systems when a cardholder's details are changed in Command Centre.

Enterprise data 

Use the Enterprise Data Interface (EDI) to synchronize cardholder data from external systems through a intuitive graphical configuration making cardholder transfer easy.

Booking interface

Make use of an online Booking Interface to schedule and timetable rooms and resources. Via the online platform, rooms can be searched, bookings can be made or reschedule and course timetables can be planned and auto-scheduled.


Designed specifally for companies with multiple sites at multiple locations, Multi-Server allows one site to configure and control another site.

Prepaid car parking

Not limited to car parks alone, the Carpark Management feature allows credit to be stored on access cards and for the amount of credit to be reduced when a card is badged at a certain reader.

Elevator integrations

A range of elevator integrations allow you to control access to floors from the elevator using Command Centre to control the elevator cars.

Video Integrations

Video integrations increase efficiencies and reduce costs by allowing your operators to manage and monitor most of the world's leading camera systems through one single platform.

ASCII Interface

The ASCII interface provides a generic means to interface with systems such as fire panels, paging systems, nurse call, mobile duress and legacy matrix switchers.

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