Alcolizer Access Control Integration

This feature integrates Command Centre with the Alcolizer WM4 breath testing unit.

When an access card is presented at a nominated reader, the Alcolizer WM4 will be initiated for the cardholder to take a breath alcohol content test. Once the test is taken, the test result (pass or fail) is sent to Command Centre and recorded as an event against the cardholder's profile.

When Command Centre receives a test result, it is possible to:

  • generate an alarm based on a failed test result, alerting the operator of the cardholder's failed test result, at the time of the failed result
  • automatically deny site access for the cardholder upon a failed test result
  • if using the notifications feature of Command Centre, have an operator configure a notification to automatically notify the cardholder's supervisor via an email and/or SMS, at the time of the failed result.

Additional Information

Product information

Product name: Alcolizer WM4
Protocol version: Americium Communications Protocol v2
Interface developed by: Gallagher Group Ltd
Gallagher API used to develop the interface: Controller API
Available and supportedWorldwide
Industry applications: All

Supported reports

  • An activity report can be generated that allows an operator to view all failed and passed test results.
  • Site configuration report can be generated that allows an operator to view the configuration of one or more Alcolizer FT items.