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Fear and misconception in perimeter: the case for energized fences

Wednesday, 10 Oct, 2018

Energized fencing can be a touchy subject (pun fully intended). In particular, commercial operations often fear potential harm and/or litigation from …

Detect and Protect | Gallagher Security

Detect and Protect

Monday, 30 Jul, 2018

As the first cordon of security, perimeter intrusion detection solutions offer quick and reliable detection of any unauthorized entry or exit from you…

Security insights from the outer edge

Security insights from the outer edge

Wednesday, 11 Jul, 2018

If there’s one area of security that’s often overlooked in commercial channels, it’s perimeter. This all too common gap in thinking is preventing busi…

How can you prove the gold standard | Gallagher Security

Investing in quality: how can you prove the ‘gold standard’?

Friday, 8 Jun, 2018

Everyone claims quality. It’s a big selling point for security systems, partly due to increased corporate and personal liability in the workplace.

A h…

Shared Space Solutions Campaign | Gallagher Security

Gallagher Shared Space Solutions

Monday, 21 May, 2018

Managed spaces for modern workplaces

We live in a world of sharing and open communication, with visible impact on the modern workplace. Co-working and…