Introducing v7.90

Friday, Apr 27, 2018

Gallagher releases Command Centre v7.90 | Gallagher Security

Gallagher's latest Command Centre release hits the market

We’re proud to announce that the latest version of our world-class site management software is now available.

As the security environment evolves rapidly, our continued development program ensures your organization is protected from new threats, and able to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Locker Management

Our Locker Management feature has been extended in v7.90 to allow greater flexibility of locker allocation, ensuring the best utilization of your locker resources. A range of expiry options and a dynamic locker viewer combine to make agile locker use a reality for modern businesses.

Action on Access

The Action on Access feature (previously a customization) is now a core feature in v7.90. Action on Access provides a useful way of managing temporary workers or contractors entry and time on site. When a credential is presented at a reader, a temporary worker or contractor can be granted access to a particular area, for a specified period of time.

Cardholder REST API

Our Cardholder REST API provides a bi-directional interface for cardholder data. The API supports the majority of cardholder fields, allowing system integrators and end users to integrate their systems with Command Centre.

Mobile Connect SDK

The Mobile Connect SDK provides the functionality of Mobile Connect to third party mobile applications. This SDK allows a third party mobile app (iOS or Android) to request access at a Gallagher Bluetooth® enabled reader and supports actions such as arming or disarming.

HBUS 4 In 2 Out Door Module - Wiegand

We introduce the HBUS 4 In 2 Out Door Module - Wiegand (C300665) in v7.90. This module removes the need to use the GBUS URI (C200665), making both RS485 ports on the Controller available for HBUS communications.

Security Improvements

V7.90 helps ensure corporate IT policies are enforced by introducing a number of security improvements. These provide greater protection for your site's data, people, and property.

For more information about Command Centre v7.90, please contact your Certified Gallagher installer or your local Gallagher representative.