Gallagher's v8.10 added to the GSA Approved Product List

Friday, 20 Dec, 2019

Global security technology manufacturer, Gallagher, has today announced that PIV Command Centre v8.10 has been tested and approved for listing on the GSA Approved Product List.  This approval covers both 13.01 and 13.02 topologies and allows v8.10 to be sold to the U.S Federal security market.

“This latest approval demonstrates our commitment to keeping U.S Federal customers up-to-date with the latest technology changes,” said Scott Elliott, VP of North America for Gallagher. “We understand that cyber security is a critical concern for our customers, and PIV Command Centre v8.10 showcases our ongoing investment in this area.”

Command Centre v8.10 continues to build on Gallagher’s cyber security strengths, as does their recently released Security Health Check utility.  An industry first, Gallagher’s Security Health Check tool is an award-winning cyber auditing solution which is available free to anyone operating or installing a Gallagher security management system. Designed to help their commercial and government customers identify and mitigate security and cyber vulnerabilities and threats across the Enterprise Physical Access Control System (EPACS), Security Health Check also audits credentials, reader configuration and certificate validation settings, to ensure that Federal Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) are installed and configured according to FICAM policy.

For more information, please contact:

Scott Elliott
Vice President - North America
Phone +1 816 329 9954


Ashley Meston
Federal Business Development Manager
Phone +1 202 924 3045


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