Gallagher achieves Clean Sweep certification

Thursday, Jan 30, 2020

Gallagher is pleased to announce they have achieved certification under Plastics New Zealand’s Operation Clean Sweep program. Operation Clean Sweep aims to keep plastics out of marine environments through good housekeeping and pellet, flake, and powder containment practices.

Gallagher’s manufacturing site in Hamilton is one of just 59 New Zealand premises to achieve this certification. The international program is implemented in 23 countries around the world.

“Responsible plastics use is increasingly becoming a highly topical and visible issue throughout the world, so we’re really pleased to celebrate this milestone,” says Mark Junge, Global General Manager – Security.

“While Gallagher has been involved in many environmental initiatives throughout more than 80 years in business, 2020 sees our company ramp up focus in the wider sustainability area to take a more cohesive, all of business, longer term approach.

“We congratulate our Operations team for their efforts and look forward to many more steps in the right direction, ensuring we not only meet – but exceed – environmental standards.”

Every year, thousands of tonnes of resin pellets inadvertently flow into waterways, estuaries, and the ocean. These pellets can be eaten by wildlife, causing significant health issues which often results in death. Through the Clean Sweep program, Gallagher has committed to the ongoing protection of our waterways.