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Monday, Jul 30, 2018

Detect and Protect | Gallagher Security

As the first cordon of security, perimeter intrusion detection solutions offer quick and reliable detection of any unauthorized entry or exit from your premises, ensuring an appropriate response.

With knowledge comes power. Intelligent detection at the perimeter ensures a more effective and targeted response to security threats, focusing attention where it’s most needed and reducing time spent responding to false alarms.

Improved security response capabilities reduce the need for guard patrols, saving money and minimizing the potential for human error. Emergency management processes that protect people, property, and information on site are also enhanced, ultimately ensuring business continuity and reducing costs associated with security breaches, theft, and damage.

Intrusion detection benefits

  • Reduced need for guard patrols, saving money, and minimizing human error.
  • Improved emergency management processes and response times.
  • Ensure business continuity and avoid the significant costs associated with security breaches, theft, and damage.

Gallagher perimeter intrusion detection products

Adjustable sensors monitor and report on fence vibration or movement, wire tension and integrity, detecting both fast and slow attempts to breach the perimeter and triggering a security response, based on predefined criteria.

  • The Gallagher Z10 Tension Sensor measures wire tension to detect mechanical disturbance or movement of the wires.
  • The Gallagher Z20 Disturbance Sensor detects vibration or movement of the fence structure.
  • Gallagher F-Series Fence Controllers allow the fence to be controlled from an alarm panel or networked for integration with Gallagher Command Centre.

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    The responsive approach

    When perimeter intrusion detection is installed as part of a multi-technology, responsive solution, you can be absolutely sure that your duty of care is met and your response is appropriate to the level of threat.

    Responsive security offers many opportunities to delay, deter, and detect: at the outer and inner perimeter of a site, the exterior of buildings or key infrastructure, and at access points to enter a building or move between parts of a building.

    As part of a responsive security approach, perimeter intrusion sensors can trigger alerts, alarms or other pre-defined responses without the intruder being aware. This can prompt video verification of the intrusion, or act as a ‘first knock’, triggering an escalated security response.

    When integrated with Gallagher Command Centre, for example, a guard might receive an alert on their mobile phone, check the perimeter status and remotely inspect the zone via CCTV, before deciding on the best course of action. This is one way to manage site security in less obtrusive or non-aggressive way.
    In higher-risk installations, the detection of an unauthorized disturbance at the perimeter could prompt a sterner response – escalating from using a monitored fence in detection mode, to energizing the fence at a range of levels from low-feel through to high-voltage or high-voltage plus.

    Using Gallagher perimeter intrusion detection products as part of your responsive security solution is a people-friendly and responsible way to manage site security, without compromising on safety.


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