Intelligent data management

A system for the future

The flexible and future proof design of the Gallagher system provides extensive expansion and integration options.

Command Centre is an evolutionary product and the result of heavy investment in research and development. We're focused on developing the Gallagher platform over a long period of time with software enhancements, interfaces and new hardware.

  • Upgrade paths and migrations are carried out at your pace.
  • Command Centre software is backwards compatible. 
  • Software Maintenance is available for ongoing upgrades to ensure you benefit from the latest software developments - we're committed to providing two major software releases per year.


Integrity of data protection

Gallagher uses industry-leading standards for data protection. 

  • IP-based network communications between the Command Centre software and Gallagher Controllers use TLS* 1.2 with industry-leading 384 bit elliptic curve keys and 256 bit AES* symmetric encryption.
  • Controllers communicate with each other via peer-to-peer communications over a LAN/WAN using TCP/IP for monitoring, backup and control, a significant feature that provides extensive flexibility and efficient system configuration. Controllers communicate with each other using the same protocol and keys (TLS* 1.2 with 384 bit elliptic curve keys and 256 bit AES* symmetric encryption) that they use to communicate with the server.
  • All HBUS devices, including T Series Readers, maintain a heartbeat to generate an alert within the system should the device be taken offline, and to protect against a wide range of potential attack methods. All HBUS communications are fully encrypted using 128 bit AES*. As HBUS devices communicate via RS485 rather than TCP/IP, there is no need to expose a network Ethernet port on the non-secure side of the building.


Distributed intelligence and data storage

Distributed intelligence allows for continued operation of access control and alarms management in the event of a network communication failure on site.

The relevant fields of the cardholder database, alarm configuration and security parameters are downloaded to the Controllers, resulting in instant access and alarm control decisions. The Controller is capable of caching events should communications fail. All events and alarms are date and time-stamped before being sent to Command Centre when communications are re-established.

True peer-to-peer communications between Controllers facilitates system flexibility, redundancy and protection against malicious network attacks.

The Gallagher system facilitates off site monitoring by transmitting alarms to a remote monitoring station using industry standard Contact ID data format. A monitoring station is informed immediately if there is a breach of security, enabling the dispatch of security guards to re-secure your business.

Transmission can occur using the IP Alarm Transmitter or PSTN Dialler. The IP Alarm Transmitter, transmits using the Off Site Alarm Transmission Protocol. This protocol uses the Contact ID ANSI\SIA DC-09 message format. Encryption can be enabled or disabled. Messages are received by the IP Alarms Receiver Software located in the monitoring centre. The IP Alarms Receiver Software forwards the messages via a serial port, using the Ademco 685 protocol, to the alarm monitoring system in the alarm monitoring centre.


IT compatibility

Gallagher's business-connected security integration platform resides on an organization's IT network and stores information about cardholders, the site and system activity, delivering security from the perimeter to the core.

Database options are: Microsoft SQL 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012 or 2008 R2.

Renowned for its data integrity and performance, Microsoft SQL is a commonly specified database used globally in a range of applications. It is easy to integrate and share selected data held in Command Centre with other systems using the SQL Server database.

Command Centre supports:

  • 64 bit operating system
  • MS Windows 7 Professional / Ultimate, 8.1 Pro / Enterprise, 10 Pro / Enterprise
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 Server R2, 2012 / R2, 2016

Gallagher is a partner to Microsoft and a member of OPC Foundation.

*This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (

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