Class 5 certified

Class 5 certified since 2017

Gallagher high security solutions have been Class 5 certified since 2017. Class 5 intruder alarm systems are designed and implemented to meet the Intruder Alarms Standard AS/NZS 2201.


Gallagher Class 5

The Gallagher Class 5 solution mitigates the risk of vulnerable analogue connections (resistive end of line supervision) for alarm sensors. Gallagher Class 5 Intruder Alarm System technology also meets the high security specifications of sites with equivalent standards (e.g. EN50131 grade 4) or any locations with a need to ensure edge devices are protected to a high level.


Why choose a Class 5 solution?

Class 5 solutions can be utilized by sites that need higher levels of security; this could be correctional facilities, financial institutions, government entities, and data centres - any site where a breach could cause major or catastrophic business impacts.

When installed and implemented in the correct manner, a Class 5 intruder alarm can provide a ‘high-security’ level of protection. The Gallagher Class 5 system is a cost-effective solution, offering the protection of a high-quality, certified intruder alarm system.


Gallagher offers:

  • Proven long-term investment commitment in the Government Physical Security space
  • Experienced high security team members
  • End to end authentication and encryption by default




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