Secure your campus

Our education security solutions protect what's important, letting you get on with the business. 

Gallagher Security education solution benefits.

Proven success

Gallagher education security solutions are in use by 118 schools and universities across the United States and over 530 around the world, protecting thousands of people every day. 

  • 69 US elementary schools.
  • 26 US secondary schools. 
  • 23 US universities. 

Our solutions are also in use at critical sites with some of today's highest security requirements, from utilities and civil infrastructure, to corrections and defense facilities.

Global leaders

Gallagher Group is a global leader in the innovation and manufacture of security solutions.

Our people are relentless innovators who strive to understand not only your specific security needs, but most importantly your whole education environment and day to day operational needs.

Protect your campus

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