Bosch Case Study | Gallagher Security

The problem

Bosch required a comprehensive yet flexible security solution, tailored to meet their specific needs and challenges. Among their requirements was the ability to easily scale the solution, while remaining centrally managed. Another key area of focus for Bosch was improving operational efficiency. And like many businesses, theft of physical and intellectual property was also a concern.

The Gallagher solution

The superior level of technical support was one of the reasons Bosch decided to partner with Gallagher. The training courses offered by Gallagher is also a significant advantage as it means Bosch staff can be trained to the same level as a certified installer. This provides them with the capability to be first responders, giving them the confidence to handle certain security issues themselves.

Bosch uses Gallagher’s powerful site management software, Command Centre, to manage access control, Bosch Surveillance, and intrusion systems. Although 22 Bosch sites across America are powered by Gallagher, the whole system is able to be centrally managed from one location, further streamlining operations.

Selecting Gallagher provided Bosch with:

  • Video management system integration (BVMS), for safety precautions and oversight
  • CCTV integration, image and video event audit trail
  • Peace of mind through the use of the latest continually evolving software technologies and cyber security counter measures, eliminating the fear of hacking and site down-time
  • Integrated intrusion detection system allowing full situational awareness.

The value

Gallagher’s powerful access control solution offers Bosch a range of automated reporting functions to help streamline operations and reduce administration time.

Gallagher solutions are flexible and scalable, creating the potential for future growth across Bosch locations. “Integration with Gallagher Command Centre has had a positive impact across our sites, improving safety, security, and operational efficiencies,” says Frederick Fung, Manager of Bosch’s corporate security. “Gallagher supports us in providing a safe and secure working environment, improving the quality of life for our associates and visitors.”