Invixium IXM TITAN and Gallagher Command Centre

Offering enhanced solutions for contactless biometric temperature and mask detection, the Invixium IXM TITAN presents a next-level integration for Gallagher Command Centre users, supporting the health-orientated needs of sites. Through seamless, user-friendly integration, health events including temperature screening and mask detection are communicated from IXM TITAN to Gallagher’s security management platform, Command Centre, and gives users the ability to perform biometric enrolment and device management directly within the Gallagher software.

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Frequently asked questions

Where can we purchase the Invixium IXM TITAN?

You can purchase the reader from Gallagher. Refer to our Meet the Team page for the Sales contact in your region.


Which version of Gallagher software is required?

To use Invixium IXM TITAN you will need Command Centre v8.50 or later.


Which Gallagher licences are required for the integration of Invixium IXM TITAN?

Gallagher Command Centre (C12873) Invixium license is required for this integration. If you purchase the Invixium IXM TITAN reader from Gallagher, Gallagher Invixium licensing will be enabled for free.


How do Invixium devices connect to Gallagher hardware?

Invixium devices support Wiegand and OSDP protocols.

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